Here are what some colleagues and standards program experts are saying about working with  Betsy.

Richard Palarea, Entrepreneur, Innovator and CEO at Kermit

Very few individuals that I've worked with have the absolute competence and professionalism as Betsy. In the time we worked together at AIIM International, Betsy displayed expertise and knowledge on the subject matter for which she had oversight. She operated both as our own internal expert and also to the membership and general public -- and was received well regardless of the group she was assisting. She continues to be a valuable asset to AIIM.

Theresa Resek, CIP, Director, AIIM

Over the years, I have worked with (and for) Betsy on a variety of programs at AIIM. Betsy's knowledge and experience have been valuable to me. Her willingness to share her knowledge and to simply help out on so many tasks, large and small, exemplifies her team spirit. I’m always impressed with her writings and knowledge of the industry. Along with her passion and impressive ability to make dry techie subjects come to life, she is a true professional.

Duff Johnson, Executive Director at PDF Association, ISO 32000 and ISO 14289 Project Leader

This recommendation is long overdue. It's of course also unsolicited, because Betsy does not blow her own horn. Betsy works tirelessly on behalf of AIIM members and (so important to me, my company and my industry) the AIIM Standards Program. In the world of Standards, Betsy has the unenviable job of herding highly intelligent cats. She deals with it all calmly and just gets things done. Speaking as both geek and employer, thank you for all that you do for geeks and their employers, everywhere.

Tom Sharron, President, Spencer's Ridge Owners Association

As president of the Spencer’s Ridge Owners Association, I know I can walk into our Board meetings and Annual Members meetings confident that our meetings will be efficiently run. For the last four years, Betsy has kept our HOA running effectively obtaining all assessment payments and organizing and promoting meetings. When the pandemic hit, Betsy rapidly moved our meetings to virtual and we were able to keep our HOA moving forward.

Jack Waldren, Property Owner in Spencer's Ridge

As a property owner in Spencer’s Ridge, we appreciate the dedication Betsy shows to our community. She ensures all owners are able to express their concerns and share ideas for improving our community. Since we were a new community, Betsy worked on getting street lights installed to keep our community safe. Betsy makes sure all owners are informed of Board and annual meetings and the decisions taken at each meeting.