Case Study 1 – Document Creation services

After gathering a group of subject experts to work on a best practice, the group via virtual meetings discussed and drafted a best practice on email management. The effort started with a call for participants outlining the type of background needed and the purpose of the work that would be underway by the group. We facilitated the weekly calls ensuring all participants had an opportunity to share their opinions. Assignments for drafting sections of the document were made and we provided the follow through to ensure the work was completed. We used a document collaboration tool to create the document and perform our edits. After drafting the document, we circulated it to another group of experts who acted as peer reviewers. The reviewer’s comments were address and the document was published.

In this case, we facilitated the meetings, administered the project maintaining proposed schedules, wrote sections of the document, edited the document and published it which included using social media to promote its existence.

Case Study 2 – Program/Project Management

We specialize in the management of technical programs or projects that require peer approval throughout the process. To facilitate the management, we create project plans that identify the steps required to meet the outcome and then follow the steps to deliver the final product on schedule.

Case Study 3 – Meeting Facilitation

We facilitated meetings of subject experts which included arrangements for the meeting venue and setting and distributing the meeting agenda with sufficient time for the experts to prepare for the discussions. While in the meeting, we made sure that all participants had an equal opportunity to speak and be heard regardless of whether English as their native language. After the meeting, we produced the meeting report that provided a record of the meeting discussions. We also followed up with the actions that had been agreed upon and circulated related documents.

Case Study 4 – Standards Training and Setting

We have created and delivered training for the use of ISO 19005 (PDF/A), general standards introduction, and standards that support enterprise content management technology. The training included multiple modules. The training was delivered either in person or as web-based recorded training. For the in-person training, we included checkpoint quizzes to ensure the students were grasping the concepts.

Case Study 5 – HOA Management

Our HOA management is very similar to the meeting facilitation discussed above but also involves creating a draft budget and treasurer reports and issuing invoices for assessment fees and recording the payments and depositing them in the HOA account. Reminders of assessment payments are issued to ensure the collection of assessments.

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